The Maharaja Pavilion

For every vacationer visiting Rajasthan and checking-in to our resort, there is a desire to capture every fragment that offers local flair. Dining experience is no different. Yes, having an expert tour guide, comfortable transport on the go, and luxurious yet affordable resort in Jaipur, Rajasthan to comfort the tiredness of the whole day of sightseeing and exploration is what dominates the perfect holiday story for many. But the place that has responsibility to nurture the appetite has the most impact on the holiday experience. As important as the holiday destination, the best restaurant in Jaipur, at Shakunt resort promises an unforgettable and satisfactory fine dining experience. So instead of leaving your holiday destination with a cringe after dining at overpriced, shiny armoured and luxurious restaurants in Jaipur, stay with us for heavenly meal consisting of aromatic rajasthani cuisine along with specialized south-indian, mughlai, north indian and other flavorful food.